Staff Members are the people who run and maintain the server. Staff work to create and organize events, control out-of-hand situations, and do work when Helpers cannot. Staff ranks are tiered, meaning Staff can also climb the ranks. That said, no Staff Member is above another. All will know the same things. Some just have more authority than others.

Moderator[edit | edit source]

The first rank on the list is Moderator. Mods may or may not have WorldEdit access. No Staff Member will use WorldEdit to help you in builds unless previously discussed and approved. Mods are capable of ranking players up to the Celestial Ranks.

Administrator[edit | edit source]

Administrators or Admins will have WorldEdit, as well as access to the server console. As said above, they will not help with projects involving WorldEdit, and they certainly won't go into the server console to help you.

Owner[edit | edit source]

Previously ranks Owner and Co-Owner, the Owner rank has been merged to remove confusion. This is the highest rank,

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