Ranks are essential to life on Sky Eden. Whether it's showing off how much you've done with a snazzy new title, or unlocking important features like /tpa or /warp, Ranks are at the core of it all. Once you have met all the requirements for a rank, let a Helper, Helper+, or Staff Member know.

Normal Ranks
Rank Requirements Unlocks
Tourist Join Server Nothing
Citizen Apply Here. Building & Breaking Blocks

1 row Personal Vault (/pv 1)

McMMO Mining Skill

Access to AquaEden (/warp aqua)

Access to Events (/warp event, ex: /warp halloween)

Forester 5 Hours of Ontime (/ontime)

Apply Here.

McMMO Woodcutting Skill

Grow Wool Trees

Use Chestshops

Access to the Market (/warp market)

Biologist 10 Hours of Ontime

Build a fountain at WaterHub (Find the Lighthouse on the livemap)

McMMO Fishing Skill

McMMO Herbalism Skill

Access to Advanced Fishing

Access to the Brewery Plugin

Archaeologist 15 Hours of Ontime

Dig your own grave at FireHub (Find the Pit on the livemap)

2 rows of your Personal Vault

McMMO Acrobatics Skill

McMMO Excavation Skill

Explorer 20 Hours of Ontime

Build a garden at EarthHub (Find the Treehouse on the livemap)

McMMO Taming Skill

McMMO Unarmed Skill

Engineer 25 Hours of Ontime

Build a balloon or ship at Windhub (Find the Red Guild on the livemap)

McMMO Repair Skill

McMMO Smelting Skill

McMMO Alchemy Skill

Access to the Music Pack's Technical Side

Sky Pilot 30 Hours of Ontime

Make a statue of yourself at SkyMoria (Find the Sanctuary on the livemap)

McMMO Axes Skill

McMMO Swords Skill

Access to /tpa

Access to Cannons

Access to the Creative World (/warp creative)

Access to Furniture

Celestial Ranks
Rank Requirements Unlocks
Epoch 60 Hours of Ontime

Build a snow fort at FrostHub (Find the Snow Fort on the livemap)

Fight blazes at FrostHub

Walk on ice

Access to /oxygen

Rabbit Pet

Rank Tag (/tags)

Pig and Chicken Egging

Stargazer 120 Hours of Ontime

Build a Stargazer Tower at StarHub (Find the Ancient Hand on the livemap)

Cool Purple Trail (/trails)

Cow and Sheep Egging

4 Total Homes (Not including /home bed)

Rank-Specific Brews

A Rune Coupon

Ascendant 180 Hours of Ontime

??? (Find the Rift)

Double Jump

Mooshroom Egging

Horse Egging

A home at the luxurious Sky City

Combine an Elytra and Chestplate on an Anvil

A Rift Sword

A Rift Axe

A Rune Coupon

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