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Brewery is a fun plugin that allows players to brew alcoholic beverages, which give certain buffs and de-buffs depending on how drunk you are. This plugin is very popular on SkyEden, some have even dedicated entire books and countless hours to finding the recipes of certain brews.

The plugin can be found here, and the official wiki here, but we have a full wiki below along with our server-specific brewing recipes for your convenience.

SkyEden Brewery Wiki[edit | edit source]

So, you wanna start making some adult beverages. Or maybe some kids ones, we all enjoy a nice mug of hot chocolate after all. Its fairly simple to get started, you will just need to collect some materials before you can start.

Now that you have those, we can get started!

Step 1: Build Your Brewing Area[edit | edit source]

Step 2: Fermenting[edit | edit source]

Fill your cauldron with water, it's helpful to keep a bucket on hand, and an infinite water source nearby. Get all the ingredients you need to make the brew, and put them in one by one via right clicking the cauldron with them in hand. I recommend only having the required amount in hand so you don't accidentally put in more then needed. Let the cauldron sit for the required amount of fermenting time. The time can be checked by right clicking a cauldron with a clock. Once it has reached the required time, take 3 glass bottles and fill them up with the cauldron.

Step 3: Distilling[edit | edit source]

If the brew requires distilling, which some don't, put the bottles into the brewing stand (make sure there's glowstone in the top or else it wont work). Let them distill the required amount of times. This can be checked by hovering over the bottle and will say "Distilled" or "2-times Distilled". Once they are fully distilled, you can take them out.

Step 4: Aging[edit | edit source]

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